Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Another Coolness Point For America

For scoring a few positions at The Top 10 Urinals of The World.

The Cool War aside, check out rank #8, urinals at John Michael Kohler Arts Center, where urinating is a part of the art. Or rank #7, urinals of the International Space Station that looks like a medium-sized vacuum tube. One should think twice before trying to "flush." Because, looking at the picture, this looks like a Deadly Threat to me.

Bank Robber: (points his gun) What's the safe combination!
Clerk: I have no idea. Only the manager knows it.
Bank Robber: Tell me or I'll force you...
Clerk: I told you, I don't know!
Bank Robber: ...(producing something from his bag) to use THIS urinal!
Clerk: 2-4-3-8-6-8-2-1-1
Worth quoting:
Rank #10: (not in America, but in Kabul, Afghanistan)
It serves as an important relay station for ISAF military communication...
You have a great view over the eastern part of Kabul and the minefield directly below you while urinating...
An urinal that serves as a relay station. How cool is that? Imagine the army got a message.
Radio: (static) I've..(static) ...here!
Commander: What does it say?
Radio operator: I don't know, someone must be urinating.
Back to The Cool War... Indonesia actually has several unique urinals. The frogger of Tamani Cafe', for example. Or the free-for-all-comparison-between-men at Bandung's The Peak, where you get to urinate in front of a large reflective glass. But those aren't nearly enough. We are forced to surrender another point.

We are tied at 2-2. And there's still plenty of time. Anything could happen.
Side Note: I can do CSS!

Finally managed to convert the tables into floating objects. They're supposed to load faster than tables. I also adjusted the line height to increase readibility. Thanks for the tip, Nda. However, I had a hard time making the floatutorial submenus float right, so I left them as that (no pun intended). Hope that explains the change. Lemme know what you think.

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