Friday, January 09, 2004

The Cool War Begins!

This is it! For an entire year, starting from the date of this post, I'll be dedicating myself(1) to discover evidences that will conclude The Ultimate Question of All Time:

Which is cooler: The Republic of Indonesia or the United States of America?

Let's start from the Head of the Country. I hate to admit it, but Indonesia loses in this departement. Because the American President writes poems!

Worth quoting:

Lady, I'm your night in shining armor.
So America is now leading with 1 - 0. Dear Readers, you can also participate! Send the addresses or other supporting (2) evidences to! (Remove "KILLSPAM.") Especially to Indonesians out there. We're currently one behind--but no worries! We still have 366 days until January, 9th 2005. So start gathering materials! Our country needs YOU!

Another Philosophical Question of the Day: How does a "night" wear a shining armor?

1: By sacrificing my precious time when I can't find anything better to do than lying down while sticking my tongue out.
2: Read: "Intended to make fun of either one."

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Anonymous said...

should be "knight in shining armor"


Kang Jodhi