Wednesday, December 29, 2004


"You can't go anywhere without hearing people talk about how terrible earthquakes and tsunamis are. Ever since I joined a local Save Aceh corps, I know how to shut them up. Just shove a donation box towards them and they'll start discussing about the fine weather."
--A Friend Who Insisted On Anonymity
You can donate for Aceh earthquake and tsunami victims through:
  1. Indosiar (a national TV station)
    BCA account: 001-304-0009
  2. RCTI (another national TV station)
    BCA account: 128-300-7000
Looking for other ways to help? Try joining (in Bahasa), or visit (in Bahasa) and Indonesia Help (in English).

You can make a difference.
Just by spreading the call for help.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


One crucial point in my life was when I had to decide what college I wanted to enter. I had no clue. I just wanted to be somebody like everybody else, even though none of us had a clear definition what "somebody" was.

Then I saw the sign on a certain campus at Jalan Ganesha Bandung. It said...

Literally: No horses/delmans(1) allowed

So I applied for a major there. At least they had a standard. Or so I thought.

Apparently, they put the sign up because there had already been too many students horsing around.


(1): Delman is a simple two-wheeled (or four-wheeled) carriage heaved by a single horse and commonly used for transportation in rural areas. In cities, they use them mainly for recreational purpose or fertilizing asphalt.

Next Assignment...

buy a Tomcat

Worth quoting:

Ben Nicholson, an apprentice engineer was told to order a water tank, but he went ahead and purchased a three million pound Challenger battle tank instead.


I was just practicing for tomorrow's exam.

Worth quoting:
Michelle Wallace, head of development at Debenhams, said: "We want our staff to have a more rounded knowledge of the subject."

Monday, December 20, 2004


You wrote in your book about Timor = tin can on wheels. FYI, no other countries [except Korea] in South East Asia that can build this so-called four-wheeled tin can. The advanced Korean technology can build cars with thinner body plates yet its strength and durability still match (or even outmatch) those with body plates twice as thick. In a head-on collision, Timor's driver might have a better chance than, say, a Kijang's driver. And the car (Kia) already passed European quality control tests. So I disagree with your dissing Timor as a mere four-wheeled tin can.
--A friend

Thursday, December 16, 2004

This Is Why...

...I don't drink boiled tap water

Vocabulary Guide

1) "Lokasi" = "location"
2) "Mobil Tangki Tinja" = "Septic Tank Car"
3) "Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum" = "Regional Drinking Water Company"

(This portion of Sashimi Street is brought to you by the letter E and W.)


Steal our Valentine's gift ideas for your holiday cheers! ("I can't believe how cheap you are!" is an eligible cheer in some countries.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Drop Of Good News

Ah, just when I thought the the blog was going to be lonely for sometime. This came up.

Man, just found out that you're nominated for Best Indonesian Weblog for the Asian Blog Awards 2004, congrats!!! I am sooo voting for you. It's funny though, you're the only real indonesian nominated (the others except for deliciously disgusting are expats). You should spread the word in a post so everyone can vote for you!
Thanks for notifying, mil. I can only add few words... please don't vote me because of nationality or patriotism.
Vote me because I'm begging you. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. I hope this is degrading enough.

No, seriously, I would like to honor Jakartass. He's the one who nominated me, even though that may harm his chance. And that shows how he's above this kind of competition. Which is why I'm voting for him.

For all bloggers, I hope this is not going to be a popularity contest. But instead, a medium for appreciation. And for those who appreciate my writings, I thank you.

While for those who don't, may I interest you in sampling this new eau de toilette?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Saksikan Peluncuran Buku...

...Bertanya atau Mati!

Hari Minggu, tanggal 19 Desember 2004 (sehari setelah Dago Festival), jangan ke mana-mana dulu! Nikmati campuran antara pertunjukan komedi dan talkshow ngocol di Comedy House Bandung (cabang dari Comedy Cafe' Jakarta), Dago Plaza lantai dasar (UG), Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 61-63.

Acara mulai jam tiga sore, pas buat kamu yang beres istirahat setelah Dago Festival atau habis belanja. Dapatkan juga doorprize menarik bagi Kamu yang beruntung!

Kerjasama antara PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Comedy Cafe', dan B Radio, kami menjanjikan satu hal: makna lain untuk istilah "peluncuran buku"!


Jangan sampai kelewatan hal-hal asyik! Kunjungi spot B Radio dan Comedy Cafe' di lintas bawah Jalan Dago. Saksikan berbagai pentas komedi. Ikuti juga games-games adu ketangkasan atau nyali dan dapatkan buku BaM gratis bagi Kamu yang beruntung!

Gagal dapat gratisan? Nyante aja. BaM juga dijual di stand ZOE Bookstore. Atau tinggal datangi peluncuran buku besoknya di Comedy House Bandung!


Kalau Kamu sudah punya "Bertanya atau Mati!", jangan luputkan kesempatan untuk membuat buku kamu jadi eksklusif seperti di bawah ini.

Dengan label "Autographed Copy" dan ditandatangani langsung oleh penulis BaM, Isman H. Suryaman. Hanya saat peluncuran buku!

Jangan lupa: BaM dicetak di kertas berkualitas trade paperback. Lebih tahan lama dibandingkan kertas mass paperback atau kertas koran yang cepat menguning. Sampul buku menggunakan laminasi dove dan UV Spot pada logo tanda tanya. Dengan tambahan label serta tanda tangan, akan lengkap menjadi koleksi Kamu yang bernilai tinggi.

Hanya tersedia 100 label. Jangan sia-siakan kesempatan terbatas ini! Datang ke peluncuran buku BaM!

Belum punya BaM? Jangan khawatir! Kamu dapat membeli langsung di tempat peluncuran, Comedy House, Dago Plaza lantai dasar, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 61-63.

Bertanya atau Mati On...

...Female Radio!

Isman had a sudden reunion when he found out that Female Radio's Arletta Dhanisworo (Letta) was his highschool senior. Fortunately, both are in the age when they can laugh about old times without having to trade old-age prescription.

The one-hour show featured what the book is all about ("Inviting readers to think and laugh about small things," replied Isman) and how BaM was conceived ("I didn't use contraception.") And, of course, the one question every listeners want to ask: "Do you give away free copies?" ("Uhh... yes--OH MY GOD! THEY'RE CHARGING HERE! HEEELP!")

Letta and Isman were having a contest on showing the widest grin. Letta won with a landslide. Unfortunately, Isman held the giveaway prizes. So the vote went to him.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Practice Safe Sex!

Always use your Korean neighbor!


...Follow those drops of urine!


...for some days. For good reason, fortunately. Because I'm preparing the long overdue book launch for BaM!.

Yes, there will be a book launch. The complete details will be in the next post. And it will be in Bahasa. Yay! Now, please excuse me to compose it before I fall asleep on this keyboard.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

If You're Thinking Of Committing A Suicide...

...and want to get some help right now; please press '1'."


"Kok Putusin Gue?" -- a story about how a girl discovering what she really wants in a relationship, after she lost it.

"Gege Mengejar Cinta" -- Gege, a young man looking for love, who -- thanks to the author's wacky mind -- finds trouble instead.

Available NOW in major bookstores.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Get A (Rest)room, People!

A landmark bridge in Sumatra may collapse because too many locals have been urinating on one of the steel pillars.

(Thanks to Rika.)


...when you've gone Hollywood, you'll stop stomping on buildings and people.

(Thanks to Meta)


Worth quoting:

Last week Saturday I have bought mn, the battery was then 50%. And are the phone immediately will use. Firstly ff take part in of course, all menus descend in short everything try. Sunday everything about a have adjusted. Copy of sim done, but that goes never such as you has wants, therefore home nr's, 06 nr's, nr's business, e-mail under one name, thus the iig on sim did not stand. Blades by means of infra-red sent. Infra-red has I many on, on provided cd, the tools ginstalled, but after one our I got always no connection with the gsm., however, blades and tones, by means of right mouse, send to.. But not the sync software, until now succeeded (further effort also no more done) but well, much flow do not consume that day; -) .
"Much flow do not consume that day" sounds like something wise to say. In a funeral, for instance. Somebody sobbed, "Why does he have to die so young?"

Somebody else patted the person's shoulder, "Much flow do not consume that day."

(Thanks to Veriyanta.)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Today's Philosophical Question

What's making love gotta do with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks?


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