Sunday, December 05, 2004

Get A (Rest)room, People!

A landmark bridge in Sumatra may collapse because too many locals have been urinating on one of the steel pillars.

(Thanks to Rika.)


...when you've gone Hollywood, you'll stop stomping on buildings and people.

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Worth quoting:

Last week Saturday I have bought mn, the battery was then 50%. And are the phone immediately will use. Firstly ff take part in of course, all menus descend in short everything try. Sunday everything about a have adjusted. Copy of sim done, but that goes never such as you has wants, therefore home nr's, 06 nr's, nr's business, e-mail under one name, thus the iig on sim did not stand. Blades by means of infra-red sent. Infra-red has I many on, on provided cd, the tools ginstalled, but after one our I got always no connection with the gsm., however, blades and tones, by means of right mouse, send to.. But not the sync software, until now succeeded (further effort also no more done) but well, much flow do not consume that day; -) .
"Much flow do not consume that day" sounds like something wise to say. In a funeral, for instance. Somebody sobbed, "Why does he have to die so young?"

Somebody else patted the person's shoulder, "Much flow do not consume that day."

(Thanks to Veriyanta.)

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