Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Real-life Stories from the Open Source Software Frontline

I spoke at the Open Source Software (OSS) Week seminar yesterday (December 6th). At Auditorium IPTEKS Institut Teknologi Bandung, four speakers, including yours truly, shared their experiences in OSS socialization.

Two cases worth noted (the dialogs and scenes are imaginary, but the situations were real):

#1: The Police are holding sudden inspections; sometimes so sudden, they forgot to give proper know-hows to their own officers. An OSS-using guy got dragged in such inspection. His notebook used Linux as its operating system. The officer gave a hard look and asked, "Where's the license?"

The guy was taken aback, "License? You mean like an authentication label? It's Linux. An open source software. You don't need that."

"Sorry. You've got to have a license." Thus the officer took the notebook as evidence.

#2: Another guy brought his friend some CDs containing applications. The friend noticed some of the applications are proprietary. He warned, "You might get in trouble if you install these in your notebook, y'know?"


"Well, they're pirated, for one."

The guy took it personally, "They ARE NOT! They're legal! I bought them fair and square! I even got the receipt right here!"

The friend took a glance. It was a receipt for "3 CDs - Rp15,000." (Below US$1.5).


If you're among the OSS socialization frontliners, you might laugh. But the joke's on you: these are the guys you should aim your campaigns at.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Caption Writing Madness #6: Want More Excitement in Your Flight?

Try getting in one of the airplanes which just got inspected by technicians who looked like they also had no clue. Hellooo... adrenaline rush!

Back to caption writing. Let's see how this one turns out.

  1. "Eeny, meeny, miny..."

  2. Penny for your thoughts?

  3. "Guys, are you sure this latch should be open?"

  4. "The reset button should be around here somewhere..."
  5. --submitted by Bapak Ranger

  6. "C'mon, brain, think... think... it should be under 'R' for 'Reassembling.'"
  7. --suggested by Mbak Poppy.

  8. You know you're in trouble when you're inspecting a plane and you have to consult a history book.
  9. --suggested by Wikan.

  10. (to the microphone) "Attention: all flight crew, pack your parachutes for this flight."
  11. --suggested by Vina

  12. "Tower One, whaddya mean, I can't authorize a flight delay due to 'finding a perfect nap spot'?"
  13. --suggested by Haris

  14. Note to self: next time, try the red wire.
  15. --suggested by Roel

  16. "So this is where everything from the toilet ends up."

  17. "Tahu gini, gue dulu sekolah camat aja..."
  18. --submitted by Pip

  19. "Guys, I think we should return those bolts we 'borrowed' last week."
  20. --suggested Richoz

  21. Testing the trapdoor for instant plane weight-reducing in case of emergency.

  22. "I wish I didn't skip 'Jet Engine 101'."
  23. --submitted by Umar

  24. "I hate it when Superman stows away in our plane and then forgets to close the hatch!"

  25. "Hmmm, I know I left that wrench in here some where...."
  26. --submitted by Ultratupai


Previous Madness: A Roaring Hair Day.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This Mid-December...

... you won't see these movies the same way again.

Resident Evil, Underworld, Mengejar Mas Mas, and many more. Fifteen movies parodied in freeform movie scripts, complete with illustration.

"The consequences [are brutal], you could never watch these movies again and keep a straight face."
-–David Poernomo, movie director and producer

Even Rocky Balboa is not impervious to ridicule.

Parodi Film Seru: 15 Skenario Gokil. Available in major Indonesian bookstores.

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