Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What--Recording System?

A typical example of a classic Indonesian record album cover: the shoulder-crop photo collage ala Brady-Bunch. Notice the different hairstyles--as if we couldn't have told them apart if they wore the same hairdos. And if the group consisted of four or more personnel, one of them just had to have an Afro. As you might have suspected, the English title didn't signify that the producer was familiar with English.

Hence the center label on the right: Bimbo Recording System. Bimbo is the surname of three siblings who achieved stardom in a group called--yes--Bimbo. They got so successful that they ran several music businesses. One of which was this recording studio.

Nowadays, Bimbo were better known by their--I'm not kidding--religious songs. These songs preach about heaven and hell, wrath of God, and kindness. During Ramadhan (the fasting period for muslims), people play these songs all over the place; at radio stations, supermarkets, even on public transportation.

So who's your religious keeper? In Indonesia, it's the Bimbo.

(Cover images taken from musiklawas.)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Washing the Warehouse!

When outlets are having stock sales, they usually put up a sign that says, "Cuci Gudang!" In Bahasa, it literally means, "Washing [the] Warehouse!"

I have no idea who came up with the term. Maybe an obsessive-compulsive owner who complained a lot everytime he inspected the warehouse. "What is all this dusty stuff doing in my warehouse!" he screamed.

"This is our inventory, Sir," replied his attendant.

The owner grunted, "Well, do something about it!"

"Like what, Sir?"

"Put it on sale or something! Then wash the whole place! I want it sparkling clean by tomorrow morning!"

The attendant nodded, "I hope you feel the same thing about your cash register."

And what if they don't have a warehouse? What signs do they put? "Cuci Toko"? (Literally: "Washing [the] Store.") Why not "Cuci Tangan"? ("Washing Hands.") Isn't that what they're actually saying? "You can buy these things for cheap prices. So don't expect anything else from me. Be they're broken, they're burnt easily, or are major cause of cancers. They're all your responsibilities now. I wash my hands of it."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Evil of "Between Quotes"

The official Indonesian tourism site dedicates a special section on Bali. This move is part of a program called "Bali Recovery", trying to restore inbound visits to this island. However, one particular page about family vacation rather misses its mark. In my opinion, the last thing you want to read about a family vacational spot is how children "friendly" it is.

Worth quoting:

...Balinese adore kids! The Balinese love children and are quite protective of them. They will often come up and strike a conversation with the kids and will sometimes pick them up and want to give them a hug. They will comment on how cute the "tourist" kids are.
Oh dear esteemed editors, please, let's not scare away potential visitors and just cut the last two sentences, shall we? And lose the quotes. You don't want "friendly" adults near your children either. Except if your kids are indeed "tourists".


PS: Please remove "Isn't it well?" while you're at it. Remember the golden rule: if you smoke pot while copywriting, it'll show.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Having Trouble Sleeping at Nights?

Ask Dr. Pillow

Having Trouble Waking Up?

Play hide and seek with Lil' Clocky.

Worth quoting:

When the snooze bar is pressed, Clocky rolls off the table and finds a hiding spot, a new one every day.
(Thanks to Pip)

What's the Best Thing? Blow up People and Still Go to Heaven?

Pat Robertson, an American Conservative Christian broadcaster, warned his viewers about a "mass killing" that will happen in the United States in the second half of 2007. How did he know? Well, he claims that God told him.

However, he told viewers they should not be afraid because "if you get blown up or something, you go to heaven; that's the worst thing that will happen to you".

Quotations You Don't Hear That Often

"Thank God for cheap bras."

Brace Yourself: We'll Soon be Hearing Soapy Lines such as "I Know I'm Cheap, but Don't Pluto Me yet, Darling!"

Direct quotation:
To "pluto" is "to demote or devalue someone or something," much like what happened to the former planet last year when the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union decided Pluto didn't meet its definition of a planet.

Saturday, January 06, 2007