Sunday, April 15, 2007

Things You Expect To Find in an Indonesian TV Channel #1

It's been years since the last time Indonesian TV producers "adapted" an American TV series. For instance, they've produced the local version of "I Dreamed of Jeannie" and "The Nanny". They even took the main idea of "Splash" and turned it into a series.

If only the same producers weren't busy stealing ideas from Korean soaps, they might have made a detective series called "Get Serious". It'd be about a private investigator named "John Serious". He'd approach people and say, "John Serious, Private Eye. Has anyone seen this dog?"

"You're kidding, aren't you?" they'd ask.

To which he'd say, "No, I'm Serious."

His business card would go something like this;

Serious, John, P.I.
"When the going gets tough, get Serious."

Update (thanks to Wikan and Haris.)

The archenemy would be the master of disguise, James Kidding and his evil assistant, Robert Confused. And their typical encounter would be like this;
John: Can you tell me where to find Mr. Kidding?
James: Oh, I can tell you all right.
Robert: (turns to James) Sir, you're serious?
James: I am.
John: What do you mean? I'm Serious.
James: Well, I'm Kidding.
John: You make me confused.
Robert: No, that'd be me.
John: Wait, wait. This is going nowhere. Let's start with our names first. I'm Serious. And you're Mr..?
James: A simple Kidding would be fine.
John: I'm sorry, what?
James: Just Kidding.
John: Well, that doesn't help.
Robert: I'm Confused.
James: Aren't we all?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fatherhood Aptitude Test #1

  1. Set your alarm clock to go off at 2 AM.

  2. After waking up, put it on your arms. Swing it gently until it dies off.

  3. Set the alarm to fifteen minutes after. Try to get some sleep before it goes off.

  4. If the sun hasn't risen yet, return to #2

Survive for six months straight. Try considering to have a child.

Note to spouses:
Keep suicide pills away from his sight. If your partner exhibits any signs of violence on the mention of "baby", use the sleeping darts (not included).