Monday, July 23, 2007

And You're Saying The Prison System Doesn't Work?

If you're wondering: in the video, more than a thousand inmates of the Philippine Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) practiced their spoof of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Their movements were beautifully (and I'm using this term very loosely) in synch with every sounds.

If you can't play the video. Just go to the clip page at YouTube directly.

Pop quiz:
Did the guy who played Michael's zombie actually apply any makeup?
a. Yes.
b. No.
c. What are you talking about? That is Michael Jackson!


Thanks to Wahyudi Pratama.

Link for comparison: Actual Thriller video clip at YouTube.

Think for Future! Best for Forward!

No, it's not a national call for Engrish e-mail forwarders. Those lines are actual theme song lyrics from the Don't Be Nude on Screen Campaign.

And I'm not kidding.

Scriptwriter Sonny Setiawan was the guy who thought up the campaign as a solution for "better Indonesia". He wrote in his manifesto that there have been 500 (amateurish and candid) Indonesian porn video clips distributed freely on the Net.

My first reaction to this was: Darn! I've only got fifteen clips. I'm missing out a lot.

Ninety percent of these 500 clips, Sonny said, were made by college and high school students. He didn't say where the percentage came from. Maybe he did full research, you know, in the name of swift (or should I say "slick"?) action.

The official logo, literally means "Do Not (Be) Naked (in) Front (of a) Camera," despite the fact that it portrays a binocular/sniper scope point of view, and more likely to be a "Beware of Peeping Toms!" campaign.

The theme song was performed by a band called noodLes. During the end of the song, a girl delivers the manifesto, which ends in a declaration that's worth quoting, "For our future and the better of the world, we promise that we won't be naked on the screen!"

Yes. People who should keep their clothes on for the sake of the world. We all know some people who fit in that category.

Here's the link to the song. And below is the complete lyric of the theme song. Best for Forward!

Title : Don’t be Nude on Screen
Lyric: Tito
Song: Tito

Don’t be nude on screen
Think for future, best for forward
Don’t be nude on screen
Please don’t break your soul

Gejolak yang bakar jiwamu
Rubuhkan dirimu
Keindahan pesonamu
Hanya untuk cintamu

Jangan sampai kau hitamkan
Ruang hidupmu
Timbulkan gairah yang tak biasa
Untuk kehancuran

Don’t be nude on screen
Think for future, best for forward
Don’t be nude on screen
Please don’t break your soul (2x)

Don’t be nude on screen
Think for future, best for forward
Don’t be nude on screen
Please don’t break your soul

Passion ignite your soul
Break down your self
Beauty of your spell
Just for your love

Do not you be dark
Your living space
Break out unusual passion
To your shatter

Don’t be nude on screen
Think for future, best for forward
Don’t be nude on screen
Please don’t break your soul (2x)

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Last Thing The World Needs... another do-it-yourself Simpsons comic strip portraying your own created avatar.

(Too bad I don't care what the world needs. And hey, it's the Simpsons!)


Thanks to Q and richoz.

One Thing About Our Representatives

They're eager to learn.

The East Javanese DPRD (Regional People's Representative Board) recently announced their plan to study traditional market management in Japan. Results of this study will help them support the traditional market in East Java against many issues, such as lack of hygiene and competition from hypermarkets. So critical are these issues, that our representatives decided to visit Japan directly. Wasting no precious time, five honored representatives of our people have flown to Tokyo and Osaka last Tuesday (July 17th, 2007) for this task.

There's only one problem: When the reporter asked where exactly in Tokyo the traditional market is, the Head of B Commission, Alimudji, answered straightly, "...I'm not sure whether there's [a traditional market] or not..."

Very eager.

Link to article (in Bahasa).


Thanks to Wahyudi Pratama.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Or Is It Just Me?

In one of Honda Vario TV commercials, the Indonesian singer Agnes Monica looks at the screen and says, "I'm Vario."

After that she goes on riding the bike, while texts flash on the screen showing what's a Vario like: "Stylish design," and... "Easy riding."

Is she insinuating something?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh, Yes... I Clean Up the Bad Words Every Now and Then

Now, for something completely different.

(Insert Bride of Chucky Joke Here)

Yoshiko Hori's dolls always fascinate me. They make me experience both awe and chill.

I bet Hori's guests never run out of topics to talk about.

"Did those dolls just move?"

Suppose Hori have children, I won't envy them.

"Happy Birthday, Son!" Hori hands one of the prized dolls as gift.

"Gee, thank you very much," replies the son politely. "Now I could suffer a new kind of nightmares for the next few weeks."

"You're welcome."

All the doll images above belong to Yoshiko Hori

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How to Spot an Indonesian on

#1: (S)he will be the one having 13 friends, but 0 book.

#2: Especially when all of his/her friends also have 0 book.

#3: Each one will invite their friends to join goodreads. Ironically, the message will say, "Join in and see what kind of books I've read!"

#4: An average Indonesian goodreads librarian will add a new title, read the field "binding: ", and then enter, "Novel".

#5: For some Indonesians who have more than 0 book, there are probably more than five books on the "reading" shelves... and they're not going anywhere.

#6: An average Indonesian goodreads author will add his own books, rate them five stars (the highest), and be genuinely surprised when other people disagree.


If you're curious, is a social networking community which endorses its members to share reading experiences; how many books have you read, what do you think about it, to whom would you recommend it, and so on.