Friday, July 20, 2007

One Thing About Our Representatives

They're eager to learn.

The East Javanese DPRD (Regional People's Representative Board) recently announced their plan to study traditional market management in Japan. Results of this study will help them support the traditional market in East Java against many issues, such as lack of hygiene and competition from hypermarkets. So critical are these issues, that our representatives decided to visit Japan directly. Wasting no precious time, five honored representatives of our people have flown to Tokyo and Osaka last Tuesday (July 17th, 2007) for this task.

There's only one problem: When the reporter asked where exactly in Tokyo the traditional market is, the Head of B Commission, Alimudji, answered straightly, "...I'm not sure whether there's [a traditional market] or not..."

Very eager.

Link to article (in Bahasa).


Thanks to Wahyudi Pratama.

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