Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How to Spot an Indonesian on goodreads.com

#1: (S)he will be the one having 13 friends, but 0 book.

#2: Especially when all of his/her friends also have 0 book.

#3: Each one will invite their friends to join goodreads. Ironically, the message will say, "Join in and see what kind of books I've read!"

#4: An average Indonesian goodreads librarian will add a new title, read the field "binding: ", and then enter, "Novel".

#5: For some Indonesians who have more than 0 book, there are probably more than five books on the "reading" shelves... and they're not going anywhere.

#6: An average Indonesian goodreads author will add his own books, rate them five stars (the highest), and be genuinely surprised when other people disagree.


If you're curious, goodreads.com is a social networking community which endorses its members to share reading experiences; how many books have you read, what do you think about it, to whom would you recommend it, and so on.


a.wirayudha said...

LOL! Points taken, I guess Indonesians need to start reading and stop going to the malls.


hehehe.....beberapa point itu mmg sayah bangedh :)Tp point yg terakhir sayah gak rate bintang apapun koq....habis kalo saya sendiri yang kasih rating, saya bakal kasi bintang tujuh:)

raditya dika said...

I were shocked!

the fool said...

Or start reading in the malls, yudha. (But who am I kidding?)

Haha, nice to know both of you, Ira and Dika. Maybe we should form a society of Indonesians who can laugh at themselves.