Friday, January 02, 2004

Indonesian Journalism: Up Close And Not Personal

You can also learn about a culture from its journalism. What and how the media writes. And influences society. Below are excerpts from rough transcript of two TransTV (a nationwide private channel) reporters that went above and beyond the call of duty. (Thanks to my partner in life.)

Reporter #1 was interviewing locals that just had a nasty flood.

Reporter #1: "Did this flood affect how well you slept?"*1

While Reporter #2 was interviewing locals that had recently been homeless, being ushered by the government.
Reporter #2: "Will this affect your New Year's celebration?"*2

Let's just say, they were also above and beyond the call of sensitivity.

*1: The Fool's choices of answers:
a. "Only if you don't breathe underwater."
b. "Of course not. Every now and then, I always love being waken up by 4-foot flood."
c. "No. We use floatable beds."
d. "Har! Only landlubbers would've been bothered by this mere pond!"
e. "No problem! We just attached a pole into our beds, tied the sheets, and pretended we were on the Love Boat."

*2: The Fool's choices of anwers:
a. "No. Just our New Year's Resolution."
b. "Why, yes, of course. We wanted to spend some quite, peaceful, quality time with family. Just watching TV at home, talking about why would anyone want to be on the road with millions others. I guess now, we know at least one reason, huh?"

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