Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Not A Good Native American Name

Dancing with Cats.

Vicky and Tiger are reaching for the stars!Want to share a strong bond with Kitty? Try dancing with her.

I figure that's what MONPA (Museum of Non-Primate Art) is trying to say. Although their actual words are "preserve the movements, marks and sounds of non-primate species and consider them, without prejudice, as modes of aesthetic communication, in the hope of gaining new insights into our world."

But as a former cat owner, I wouldn't care. I would've just wanted the excuse to play with my cats.

The practice of dancing with cats dates way back from 1692. An ancient nursery rhyme was said to be a supporting evidence to that fact.

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed to see such craft
And the dish ran away with the spoon
There's another theory that the person who wrote this was drunk. But let's not digress.

The actual practice of dancing with cats isn't as grand as ballroom dancing to the same tune or getting jiggy in the dancefloor. Although pictures such as this suggests otherwise. What they call "dancing with cats" is "moving synchronistically for a brief period of time."

Worth quoting:
Before we can begin dancing with our cats, we must first make contact with them
A philosophical question: How does one extend arms and says, in cat language, "We come in peace"?

So what is so wonderful about moving synchronistically with your cat? Dance therapist, Heather Busch wrote, "Once they've danced with their cat you often find they'll speak of feeling that their cat is now a far more significant part of their world and some say they've entered into a kind of spiritual partnership with it." Or if that's too grand, you can just accept that dancing with your cat makes you feel great. She agreed that whenever we do something in unison with another being, we feel stimulated. But she believed that there's something quite profound that happens to people who dance with their cat. "They appear to be affected both physically and emotionally. They talk of feeling alive for the first time and claim they become more out going, assertive and generous," she said.

(The above picture of Miami's Vicky and Tiger belongs to Heather Busch.)


1) Choose your cat partner wisely. Do NOT, for example, pick one with too much attitude.
2) For music selection, stay away from any slow or romantic music. You may end up browsing this site.

Worth quoting:
(on selecting partner) "What's important is that you're happy, not their facial hair or how many legs he's got.."

(disclaimer) "...MarryYourPet is in no way responsible for anything nasty occurring. If your marriage breaks down or he wees on your best rug, it's entirely your own problem."


Do not give in to the temptation of camouflaging your electric sockets. Better eyesight doesn't come with age.


Never make your pet bird drink Kratingdaeng (a caffeinated energy drink). Or Viagra.
--Sudi (a coworker and former bird owner)


Promises made while being intoxicated are only true if you're sober enough to record it on tape.


When the car service person says, "I guarantee," prepare to return the next day.

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