Friday, January 09, 2004

The Competition Is Fierce!

With a sudden streak of chauvinism,(1) Indonesia reclaims the lead! First, donna reminded us about The Geeky vs Cool issue. Which means, Indonesia scores one for "More Advanced Bill of Rights." In particular the 11th Amendment: Freedom to be Geeky. (Update: Try the Geeky Test to find out what America thinks are Sure Geeky Points. Warning: Exhaustively long list of items involved).

And Indonesia's on a roll, by scoring another vital point! Because, like enda said, we have a "Higher Time Frame Tolerance."

Case #1: Higher Education

A: Shouldn't you, like, graduate, by now?
B: Relax, they won't kick me out of college for another three years.
A: Good. More time to study, then.
B: (chuckle) Hey, if I only wanted to study I would've graduated in the first place.
Case #2: Work Punctuality
C: Holy crapola! The Bigwigs meeting's started ten minutes ago!
D: Aw, God! We're half an hour from the office! We're ruined!
E: No--wait! Didn't you set your clock faster? Everybody does. You must too!
C: You're RIGHT! I did set it fifteen minutes faster!
D: We're saved!
E: Let's celebrate!
All: YEAH!
(All stops at the nearest cafe' for drinks)
This left the current standing 2-1 for Indonesia! Hooray! However, The Cool War is just starting. There are plenty of possibilities of America returning to the throne. Especially since, like umar eloquently explained in his post: They're crazy.

1: And a lot of Thank-God-It's-Friday (TGIF) office productivity.

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