Friday, January 09, 2004

Wasteland Survival Tip

Buy a glowing mutant fish.

It's a cheap way to provide both alertness and entertainment. Especially if you live in places that have land-walking snakehead fish monsters. Too much polution outside? The fishes would glow. And if you have nothing to do at home, then you can just close all the curtains and watch them all day. Because they look best glowing in the dark.

(Thanks to Gregg Easterbrook)

How do the fishes work anyway? Here's an article from NUS.
Worth quoting:

The team is also working towards producing fish that give off a different coloured glow depending on water temperatures.
Pollution and temperature indicator. Imagine having that new breed of fish in Jakarta. We want to get out today, we just put the aquarium outside for a while.
"Hey how safe is it today?"
"Wait a minute, I'll check the fish."
"So does it glow?"
"Uhmm, well, worse than that. It died."
"Oh... we shouldn't go out, then."
Philosophical question of the day: If a cat grabbed a glowing fish and ate it, will it glow in its stomach?

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