Friday, January 30, 2004

Sounds Like A Potential Guest For "Oprah"

Men who breastfeed.


How about playing internet tennis?


Ah. The ever sweet sensation of achievement. Alluringly satisfying, yet short-lived. Like reaching the peak of Himalaya. Feeling on top of the world. But only for five minutes. Because if you don't climb down soon, you'll become a part of the mountain. Forever.

Maybe this is why we seldom read headlines such as, "Copywriters conquered Himalaya!" We battled terrains, cheated death, and finally reached the top.

"What?" one of us would shout. "This is it!? I've had more satisfaction defeating crazy deadlines."

We'd have been sore campers. IF we survived. I mean, climbers can apply as copywriters, and their experiences may count as a plus. But if there was ever an open recruitment for climbers. I bet they wouldn't appreciate "can stay sleepless for two days straight with only a diet of pizzas and sodas" or "having the ego of all the mountains on earth combined."


"Giving presentation without making eye contacts is like kissing a mirror. You can get all hot about it, but nobody else will.”(1)

1: Unless you’re sexy and naked. But I digress.

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