Wednesday, January 07, 2004

How To Recognize [An] Indonesian Shopper[s]

People that queue in an "8 Items or Less!" counter, with 181 Pepsi Blues and 377 packs of instant noodles by saying, "They're only 2 items!"

(Thanks to Umar for reminding about it with his post.)
Updated Based on Comments

"Way-too-busy" people who deliberately persuade the cashier for a pack of cigarettes without a care in the world that there's a line forming behind them since 1978. Suspected of being the same people who cut the line of cars in a gas station with their bikes. Their national motto: "No time, no decency."
(Thanks to Umar.)

The elderly ladies who carry about 2,941 unidentified items in their trolley, completely oblivious to the "8 Items or Less" sign, as if it was written in Swahili morse code. Better known as The Trolley Ladies. I bet they make a good evil race in computer game Warcraft 4: Battle of the Groceries! Featuring Humans, Orcs, and the Trolley Ladies from Hell. You think orcs are vicious? Try fighting the Trolley Ladies over some fresh eggs.
(Thanks to Donna.)

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