Friday, January 16, 2004

Caption Writing Madness #1

Q: What's caption writing?
A: It's a part of copywriting where you write a text underneath a picture that explains the situation.

Q: Where's the fun in that?
A: A lot actually. The fun lies in discovering other circumstances that we haven't figured already. Some pictures are already funny. So the caption adds little to the humor. Adding a caption that transforms a simple picture into a humorous situation, now that's an art.

Q: Whoa! Can I join? Huh, can I, can I?
A: Sure thing. I'll give credits to people who can come up with great captions. Meaning, captions without credits are mine.

Q: Can I caption it in Bahasa?
A: Of course you can. But I'll only credit humorous ones.

Q: Can I contribute a picture?
A: Only by permission from the original owner. The safest way is to contribute your own pic.

This week's pic was taken by and belongs to Onang Mertoyono.

No way jose

  • "I thought cats are supposed to be supporrrrrrtive."

  • Bahkan di kalangan kucing pun ada OSPEK

  • "I think I've seen this scene on a James Bond movie somewhere."

  • "Lend you a hand? But I only have paws, see?"

  • "Who's your daddy!?"

  • "Now, say it! I am a nice, friendly cat. Not a fish-eating monster. Fish are our friends, not food." (Submitted by pip.)

  • "Gigi kamu kalo diliat dari atas jelek banget deh...." (Submitted by roi.)

  • "Cat's First Commandment: If a cat slaps you on one cheek, offers the other side...and wait until they later hang on to their paws." (Thanks to enda.)

  • "Well, why don't you give me your spouse number in case anything happens to you." (Submitted by pip.)

  • Friskies Direct Marketer: "What's that? You don't like Whiskas anymore? Good." (Thanks to donna.)

  • Signs of too many watching Lord of the Rings DVD #1: Even your cats start immitating the castle storming scene (Thanks to Lei.)

  • "Oh, now you want some help. You've never needed it before when you finished off my share of lunch..." (Thanks to emil.)

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