Saturday, March 20, 2010

[Twitter List] How To Tell Which Barbershops You Should Avoid

  1. When its sign portrays Sid Vicious

  2. When its hairstyle poster depicts outdated hairstyles and models. Especially: Tommy Page and Rick Astley

  3. When it's replaced the barber chairs with rocking horses. --@babanyakayril

  4. The barber's hands are shakier than Shakira.

  5. When there's a meat pie restaurant underneath the shop and the barber loves to sing. --@pipis

  6. When the barber throws puns like "I'm Conan The Barberian!" Twice. Every ten minutes.

  7. When the shop's name is BARBERELLA. --@auliamasna

  8. When the barber sweeps the fallen hair from the floor, then mops the blood stains. Nonchalantly.

  9. When the barber looks like Rowan Atkinson. And holds a stuffed bear. To which he talks. --@boxybiru

  10. When the barber's favorite book is "The Catcher in the Rye" --@babanyakayril

  11. When the shop's decor includes a makeshift leather mask, an apron and a chainsaw. --@babanyakayril

  12. When the barber asks you to sign a blank paper beforehand. --@boxybiru

  13. When you ask the barber to trim your hair on the left and he asks, "Your left or my left?" #TooLateForRegrets

  14. When the barber keeps calling you "My Precious". And stares at you, smiling. --@erdina

  15. When its slogan is "Barber shop, barber show". (This one actually exists, BTW, at Sarinah.) --@scribbler74

  16. When the barber's dressed as Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and it isn't even Halloween --@halief

  17. When the barber dresses like Edward the Scissorhands... THEN tries to pick his nose. --@Silverlines

  18. When the barber himself is compiling tweets about #barbershopToAvoid. Whilst shaving your head. Using a BlackBerry. --@andry

  19. When its slogan is "Where every haircut is an adventure!" And the barber's sharpening a cutlass. --@naindra84

  20. When the barber menacingly says: "Prepare to be assimilated." #aBitLateForRegrets --@babanyakayril

  21. When the barber says: "I've a baaad feeling about this." --@boxybiru