Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Washing the Warehouse!

When outlets are having stock sales, they usually put up a sign that says, "Cuci Gudang!" In Bahasa, it literally means, "Washing [the] Warehouse!"

I have no idea who came up with the term. Maybe an obsessive-compulsive owner who complained a lot everytime he inspected the warehouse. "What is all this dusty stuff doing in my warehouse!" he screamed.

"This is our inventory, Sir," replied his attendant.

The owner grunted, "Well, do something about it!"

"Like what, Sir?"

"Put it on sale or something! Then wash the whole place! I want it sparkling clean by tomorrow morning!"

The attendant nodded, "I hope you feel the same thing about your cash register."

And what if they don't have a warehouse? What signs do they put? "Cuci Toko"? (Literally: "Washing [the] Store.") Why not "Cuci Tangan"? ("Washing Hands.") Isn't that what they're actually saying? "You can buy these things for cheap prices. So don't expect anything else from me. Be they're broken, they're burnt easily, or are major cause of cancers. They're all your responsibilities now. I wash my hands of it."

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