Friday, December 10, 2004

Bertanya atau Mati On...

...Female Radio!

Isman had a sudden reunion when he found out that Female Radio's Arletta Dhanisworo (Letta) was his highschool senior. Fortunately, both are in the age when they can laugh about old times without having to trade old-age prescription.

The one-hour show featured what the book is all about ("Inviting readers to think and laugh about small things," replied Isman) and how BaM was conceived ("I didn't use contraception.") And, of course, the one question every listeners want to ask: "Do you give away free copies?" ("Uhh... yes--OH MY GOD! THEY'RE CHARGING HERE! HEEELP!")

Letta and Isman were having a contest on showing the widest grin. Letta won with a landslide. Unfortunately, Isman held the giveaway prizes. So the vote went to him.

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