Monday, December 31, 2007

Summing Up the Year 2007

First, let's take a look back on...

Months before the Indonesia tourism site started attracting (unwanted) attention, I'd noticed something peculiar about their previous improvement: their copywriter apparently smoked pot on the job.

It took twenty years for me to get this single enlightenment: It would only take one second--to turn the damn TV off.

The KKK took my (newborn) baby away. But it was okay. Because I finally understood how Indonesian swearing works.

During the care of my second child, I realized that--ideally--a guy should undertake a Fatherhood Aptitude Test before facing the actual thing. Otherwise, these fathers might end up creating TV shows for Indonesia.

The World Wildlife Fund redefined the term "back to nature", when they accidentally exposed some children to porn in one of their educational events. I guess they just hadn't realized how fierce Indonesian mothers could be.

Thing to note: some children actually applauded. There's hope for Indonesia after all.

I realized that my childhood dreams were political. And none of it involved being a president. But it's easy for kids nowadays. If you get a C, you can be the President of the United States. And if you get an E, bright future awaits!

June also bore good news for Nielsen Media Research Indonesia.

Indonesians began to frequent, a social networking for book readers. We're easy to spot, though. And speaking of reading, even our representatives are eager to learn.

July was also the start of (Movies) in Five Minutes series, which should be a tell-tale sign of "when Isman has nothing else to do".

And don't forget: Think for future! Best for forward!

My eyes were opened by the perks of being a Mayor. Apparently, by being a Mayor, you can check out someone's virginity. In pure admiration, I devised a Comprehensive Virginity Test for this Mayor.

I was chosen as one out of thirteen Indonesian representatives in the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2007. We were supposed to make other participants from abroad feel welcome. And I sucessfully contributed to that, by being lost in the first day.

Blogger Party 2007 happened. Gladly, I wasn't a host or anything. So it went well.

Unfortunately, things didn't go well for the english section of Jakartan Higher Education Directorate site, which were supposed to be Clean, Transparent and Professional and successfully missed all three.

Finally some enlightenment for the ladies: an exact definition of "cool" for guys.

And as the presidential campaigning period grows nearer, here's a suggestion for our presidential candidates: release a smutty-titled song.

So, based on only what I wrote on The Fool Has Landed: this year has been stupid, hazardous, and enlightening.

Yes, a usual year in Indonesia. But don't let that stop us from continuing in a similar fashion for the following year.

Just like the immortalized words of Al Jarreau;

You can be what you want to
And all you need is to
Get your boogie down

Thank you for sharing the laughs of 2007.


Finally Woken said...

Hi, landed here from Jakartass' This Outside The Box. Was invited to participate on his project, has one of my posts linked on his 26 out of 29 proposal, I still have no idea what to write. So I went to your blog since Jakartass mentioned it as the recommended background reading. I shortly forgot my intention, busy reading one post to another. Very interestingly tickly!

Permission to link your blog to mine?

Finally Woken said...

Ouch some typo on previous post, it should be Think Outside The Box. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. Cheers :)

isman said...

Hai, Finally Woken, thanks for your appreciation. Sure, link away.

I was going to reply these comments, but my internet connection's been in a foul mood recently. Probably a post-new year celebration thing.