Monday, May 07, 2007

Environmentalism Redefined

Recently, The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia successfully demonstrated how lack of concerns can blow up things beyond normal proportions. On April 29th, 2007, WWF Indonesia and Aksara Bookstore held an environmental-awareness event for kids. One of the kids' parent wrote to a national newspaper (in Bahasa) how he had already had bad premonition about the event because the event preparation was amateurish; delays, LCD and computer not functioning, and so on.

Then finally it happened: Trying to switch video CDs, one of the crew accidentaly played an X-rated video clip. Everybody was taken aback that the video got aired for tens of seconds before the crew finally shut the computer down. By then, every single kid had watched the footage with various reactions.

Key quote:

...some kids screamed in horrors, but some others applauded.

The event was named "WWF-Aksara Goes Green." The parents, however, went red.


vonEbenhaum said...

Procreation _is_ a part of the nature, and it does not surprise me (by that much) that WWF actually have that in their list.


Their method to increase the awareness of that particular topic, however, is quite amusing.

the fool said...

Maybe the insisted on being the World Wildlife Fun, dear von.

serenity said...

I wonder whether the parents will enlist themselves (instead of the kids) in the future events...


the fool said...

Suppose I lived in Jakarta, I guess I would've, serenity.