Monday, October 08, 2007

Clean, Transparent and Professional

These are three things that the Jakartan Higher Education Directorate promises... and won't be present on their official site. The link will bring you to their "Education News of Jakarta City" in which they wrote, "This column just to news Top in around education."

They should've renamed their tagline as "Currently Looking Up the Meaning of Clean, Transparent and Professional--Eh? What's a Dicksheeonary?"

On a brighter note, "Data of Destruction Ijazah (literally means: Certificate)" sounds like a good name for a Indonesian horror flick.

Words of Wisdom for the Day (courtesy of the site): "Do not seldom Bang Margani ( Chummy Greeting ) often stir to collect info education world , and surely library do not be overcome . Such as those which in tracing by Editor"

I'm sure I've got a fortune cookie once which said the same thing. I'll have to make sure not to be overcome by libraries, then.


Thanks to Haris.


Anonymous said...

More or less the same as the Indonesian subtitle of those pirated DVDs

- umar

vonEbenhaum said...

Chummy Greeting to you, too!

isman said...

Yeah. We should dedicate a site for those captions, Mar. (But then again, maybe the unlimited space on the Net wouldn't even be enough for that.)

Thanks for the greeting, chum! (rim shot).