Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No Wonder Everybody Wants to be a Mayor

One can demand to check the virginity of 3,500 female students.[1]

According to the article, the mayor was ticked off by the emergence of an amateurish porn clip starring two Indramayu's[2] highschool students. And he immediately ordered to conduct a virginity inspection for every highschool in the region. Apparently, the mayor is an avid supporter of Don't Be Nude on Screen Campaign.

On the other hand, "Virginity Inspection" sounds like a good name for an Indonesian flick.

According to Tempo's interview on Irianto MS Syafiuddin, Indramayu's Mayor, he cancels the plan of virginity testing because of the huge protests it incited.

Note: To all the guys who're still queuing to be the testers, please go home.

So much for the Comprehensive Virginity Test, then.

1: The link will take you to a news article in Bahasa. The title literally means "Indramayu's Mayor Inspects 3,500 (Female) Students' Virginity."

2: A region in West Java.

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