Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Two Cool War Points Pending

1. Local officials mistook art installations as trash and burned them down.
Tisna Sanjaya is a well-known, award-winning artist. His installation "The Ark of Prayer" had been exhibited in many countries like Germany, Holland, and Australia. "Thinking with a Knee" was also quite populer in Australian exhibition. Both returned home to Indonesia in glory. Then when being exhibited in Babakan Siliwangi, Bandung, the officials thought they were trash. And then burned them down.

Why is this point pending?
I'm torn between two issues. Call me tasteless, but many times, I find some--what more cultured people called--arts as trash. And there they are, being exhibited in galleries and halls, with price tags having more zeros than the number of football players. I don't care how popular it is in many countries. I don't care how many artists say that it's a masterpiece. If it looks like trash and has no visible function, then to me, it's probably trash. And knowing that there are Indonesians who didn't only agree, but took it to the next level, is quite comforting.

However, I can appreciate some artists' works. And I haven't seen Tisna Sanjaya's installations yet, before they were turned into ashes. They might be the next greatest things since the statue of David, which mean that the officials are indeed blind. So, is the burndown worth the coolness point for Indonesia? Or the exact opposite? Does that show how uncivilized we are than the Americans? Or is it a tie, so no point goes to either side?

2. The Indonesian Idol is here!
The Indonesian version of Simon Fuller's brainchild would launch in April.

Why is this point pending?
Depends on how the show turns out. If all the participants are like the Arabian Idol winner Diana Carzon, I say we give the point to America. If it goes well, it might be a tie or a score for Indonesia. Although, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aitken are tough to beat.


ryo said...

trash and thrash have quite a different meanings.

the fool said...

Thanks for pointing out the typos, ryo.