Friday, February 13, 2004

Indonesian Mass Media: All Bore And No Play

Something BIG's missing from Indonesian mass media. Good humor.(1)

Recently, we have a politician that had been convicted for corruption. But he appealed to the Supreme Court, who "set him free of all charges. "What's so special about that? That occurs a lot in many countries," you protest.

Well, this one's running for presidency.

Rage across the nation is understandable. All the media's spouting concerns, worries, angers. But no laughs. Even during the decision reading, everybody was putting a serious face all through the period of what I'd call The Longest Monologue Reading Done in Monotone Ever.(2) Of which nobody gives a care in the world except for the last few sentences.

Our media is the direct opposite of the American, for instance. Like this one.

Indonesian media needs to lighten up. And treat humor not as an exclusive part of Sunday edition's entertainment section. Even in cases like these, ridiculing works well. Because it'll get the message across not only by frowns. But also by laughters.

(Thanks to enda.)
1: A different thing than "a good sense of humor." Because when people say "a good sense of humor" they usually mean "my sense of humor." Three Stooges (or Warkop DKI) fans will say that many Seinfeld watchers don't have a good sense of humor. And it goes both ways.
2: Which would've made the Guinness Book of Record, if only the timekeeper hadn't fallen asleep. In fact, there has been some talks between the Supreme Court Judges and a local publisher to release the official documents as a highly recommended "Hyperactive Children's Bedtime Reading."


With America getting another point for mass media coolness, they're still in the lead, 5 - 3 over Indonesia.


In crutches, with bandages all over. Nevertheless, it's here!

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