Wednesday, February 11, 2004

This Post Is Brought To You By...

...the word "cartouche."

Which can either mean a four-wheeled vehicle that's way too sensitive, or an ancient Egyptian nameplate. Click here to have a cartouche of your own name in hieroglyphics.

I don't know why the ancient Kings liked cartouches, though. I tried entering my name and it came out like a suggestion of how to kill an owl. There's a knife, a lot of hands, water (drown it!), and a hangrope. If I was ever an Egyptian King, owls would've been extinct.

Now that's another thing to add in my CV. "Participated in preserving a strategic animal species on Earth by not being an Egyptian King ever."


An actual participant's question: "While maintaining an eye-contact with an audience, are we allowed to blink?"


There's absolutely no reason whatsoever to go to this Empty Web Site, and This Page that Cannot be Displayed.

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