Monday, February 02, 2004

America Regains The Lead!

For having Ruben Studdard's Day.

Alabama State's Governor proclaimed March 11 as a state holiday to show support for the Birmingham-born Ruben Studdard. The big man nicknamed "Teddy Bear" was a favorite contestant on the second season show of American Idol.

Quoted from the State of Alabama's official document:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bob Riley, Governor of the State of Alabama, in order to remind him that the citizens of Alabama have great pride in his accomplishments and will be cheering him on as he performs, do hereby proclaim the day that he competes in the American Idol finals, March 11, 2003, as Ruben Studdard Day in the State of Alabama.
In the finale', Ruben won the competition over the other finalist, Clay Aiken.

Getting a state holiday named after you for doing superbly well in a contest. Gone is the time when we had to die for a historical cause just to get our names put on a roadsign. For that, America shoots back to the lead in the Cool War with 3-2.


More votes were made during the second season of American Idol, than during the 2000 American presidential election.

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