Friday, May 21, 2004

Today's Quotation

"...Well, I forgot where I put the memory."
--Dino Turino Setiawan


Some time ago, a client inquired about our project development. He questioned why haven't we made the database three-level deep.

"We'd have done so if that was necessary, Mr. [name of client]. But you specifically requested us to follow [name of his other project]'s rule," I replied. "It only has two levels."

The client laughed. "It appears that you haven't been in touch with it. [name of his other project] has been upgraded, you see?"

I was skeptic, but kept my silence. The reason is, the client actually forgot that we were the ones that developed his other project. Which is why I'm sure it consist of only two levels and is not that easy to be "upgraded." Whatever "upgraded" means.

"See," he said. Opening the [name of his other projet] application on his laptop, and clicking on a menu. "This is level one."

I just nodded.

He clicked a submenu leading deeper, "This is level two..." And the application just stops there. No deeper links. Even if you click on any objects on that application, it won't bring you anywhere save the previous entry or Home.
Disturbing pause.
"So I think," the client said calmly. "We just need to build a link here that goes deeper."

"I see," responded I in a similar manner, even though what I really wanted to do was jumping onto the table and shout, "WHO DA MAN, NOW? WHO DA MAN?"

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