Thursday, May 06, 2004

Post-Pregnancy Gung-Ho

A female friend of mine's a mother of a year-old boy. She used to be quite reserved. She held herself from trying dangerous stuff. Now she almost takes anything head on, by comparing it to childbirth.

Female Friend: Rafting? Why not? I've gone through labor.
and another time
Female Friend: Bungee jumping? Bring it on. I've survived childbirth.
I noticed she's not the only one. At least two of my friends developed the same attitude. Maybe this is why pregnancy leave is quite long. I mean, some jobs can't afford having their personnels having more bravado than what they can chew. Take bomb disposal.
Bomb Disposal Personnel#1: Holy...
Bomb Disposal Personnel#2: It's a nuclear bomb!
Bomb Disposal Personnel#1: I think we should return first to--
Female Civilian: No problem, lemme at it.
Bomb Disposal Personnel#1: Who the hell are you?
Female Civilian: Look! I've gone through childbirth twice. This is not--

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