Saturday, May 22, 2004

Out Of The (Comment) Box

Today we're putting up good questions from the comment boxes. And we'll attempt to answer it as best as ants tango. To start, here's a rewritten question from donna.

Q: Do Amazons on Xena use bows and arrows as their main weapons? I mean, if their right breasts have to be removed in order to use the weapons effectively...
A: No. Amazons on Xena use sommersaults and annoying battle cries as their main weapons.

While serenity posed this one, we're going to make up all the rest.

Q: Regarding the voice-activated credit card, do you still have to swipe it?
A: Yes. And it will activate the battery-powered voice reminder, saying "Say your password now." Let's just hope the reminder won't say it three times.

Q: Is there any potential for the voice-activated card's future development?
A: Well, we believe Beepcard shouldn't stop at voice. If the card also recognize actions, it could as well be the perfect solution against frauds. For instance, if you record yourself doing an impersonation of Village People's YMCA, your card would be safe. And you'll save a lot of money as well, because you'll think twice before using the card in public places.

Q: Why do you suddenly refer yourself as "we"?
A: We don't know. But we're sure it sounds pompous. Take Napoleon.

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