Sunday, June 06, 2004

Caption Writing Madness #3

King of  The Day

  • You know your cat's been reading too many fairy tales when...

  • This week's superhero: The Mighty Watch-bearing and Hand-sanitizing Cat

  • "Mine! Mine! All mine!"

  • "I wish they gave me a crown with less noise."

  • "Regular Watch: $75. Hand Sanitizer: $2. That silly-grinning-face(s)-of-whom-will-provide-my-regular-meal-in-return: PRICELESS"
    Submitted by enda.


  • Beware: Egomaniacal Cat!

  • Single, striped male seeks female companions for ruling his kingdom together under a watchful crown and clean government.

  • Animal Preservation Campaign: Sanitize your hands before touching!
    Thanks to pip.

The above picture belongs to isman. For those who missed it, see the previous entry: You Only Live Nine Times.


Q:Hey, I tried searching for "Caption Writing Madness" (without the quotes) on your site's search box up there. But it gave me false leads. What gives?
A: Algorithms. The feature you talked about is powered by AtomSearch engine, so it'll work accordingly. The keywords you entered will make the engine search word per word, and somehow miss the actual page. You'll be able to find a more relevant results by entering "Caption+Writing+Madness" (without the quotes) or "Caption Writing Madness" (with the quotes).

Q: 'Kay, then... Why the fascination of cats?
A: Two reasons: they don't mind being manipulated when they're sleepy. And when sober, they're too lazy to protest anyway. Both points make them better amateurish photography targets than humans.

Q: But there are many other subjects that also fit on those two reasonings.
A: Yes, such as dead insects. Which also make good conversational topics around lunch.

Q: Really?
A: Sure. Try it the next business lunch with your colleagues. When one of them asks, "So how's your day?" Reply with enthusiasm, "Great! I never knew cockroaches can still move around even when you've squashed its insides out. It will try to crawl around, dragging his upper body while the insides oozing out on the floor. Really cool!" You'll notice that your colleagues will then keep their distance. Because this topic commands respect.

Q: Thanks! So how about lunch next week?
A: No, no, my friend, you've earned my respect already. Go practice with someone else.

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