Thursday, June 03, 2004

Labor Tips #1

When your pregnancy has reached its 8-month period, start packing immediately! So if the baby suddenly decides to pop up early, you'll be prepared.

Rules of Packing:
#1: Never trust a guy to do the packing
#2: Pack essential things for you, the baby, and your partner separately

And last but not least...

#3: Never trust a guy to do the packing

This is what a common guy would pack when being instructed, "Just pack the essentials for our baby."

Guy's interpretation: The needs for grooming, responding to the call of nature, and self defense

While for the guy's essentials, he would've packed either a TV set or computer, one deodorant spray, and a LOT of food. So here's a useful tip. When your male partner starts trying to fit the boombox into your bag, just smile and instruct him in a calm manner. Trust me, we guys respond better that way. Especially when you're also holding the baby's self defense tools.


The country code for Russia is "007"

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