Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Not Exactly A Clean Getaway

In Washington, three naked men raced through a Denny's restaurant last January 14th. That early morning streak was intended for a good clean fun. But the joke was on them. They watched in horror as somebody beat them into their getaway car and drove off. Along with their clothes.

They were forced to huddle nude in the cold weather until the police arrived.


1) They mistake "Open Marriage" as "Open for Marriage." Ditto for "Open Relationship." Which is why more than a few Indonesians proudly display either status.

2) i dOn'T kNOw hOW THey dO iT, bUT sOMe oF tHEm WrITe lIkE tHis. iT TOok mE aBout fIve MiNUtes to cOmpoSE tHeSe siMPle SeNTenCes, bUT ThEY cAN dO IT in--I dON'T kNOw--5 sEcOnds, PeRhAps?


iT's Not AS HarD as You ThinK. JUst bANg yoUr Head In tHE WalL tHaN CLosE YouR LEft eyE whIle YOu tyPE. ThAT's HOw WE do It! (off stop watch. 2 sec. yeah!)
--Sanity Inc.

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