Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Observational Humor Update

Jerry Seinfeld always has this thing for Superman. You Seinfeld fans out there may have noticed that there's a reference to superman in almost every 169 episodes of Seinfeld. Jerry took it to another level now by starring in (and cowriting) a few "webisodes" titled "The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman"

Apparently, Jerry and the Man of Steel hang around together now they both are "out of it."

Worth quoting:

Superman: Two.
Waiter: Do you have a reservation?
Superman: Superman.
Waiter: Hmm... no.
Superman: Maybe under "Man of Steel"?
Waiter: Man of steel... man of... yes, right here.
Jerry: Man of steel? Why did you do that?
Superman: Want somebody to catch us?
Jerry: No.
Superman: No we don't.
Watch the Today's Show interview here.

Truth is, these mini series are online ads for American Express. And you may also notice the shameless plug for "Comedian" on the site.


Back to Indonesia, TV7, a national TV channel, now airs the first comedy show ever that features a standup. How good is it? Well here are two hints:

#1: The show is called "Jayuz...Pliz Dong Ah!" (a reference to dry humor)
#2: Here's a sample of the joke
"I like to introduce my name now and then, because my momma used to say, "If you don't know the man... get to know him."

#3: Yes. That last one WAS the punchline.
#4: I know I said TWO hints but I can't help myself.

But anyway, at least it shows some good intention. IMO, a local standup comic is long overdue.


"Contemporary literature" is what we normally call some great works in literacy. Then after the authors are dead, we can call them "classic."
--Primadonna Angela

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