Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Caption Writing Madness #2

Who Let the Cats Out!

  • Signs of Overworking #7: Even your cat's also stressed out.

  • "Who Let The Cats Out!?"

  • Exhibit A: Reincarnation does exist

  • Alcoholic Cat Anonymous: Meow for help now!

  • Catnip is a thing of the past

  • "Nine lives are too short to spend on chasing mice."

  • "I'm not lazy, I'm just multi-tasking."

  • (Thanks to pip.)

  • "Come on Baby, light my fire..."

  • (Thanks to lei.)

  • Ever wonder why cat-owners hesitate to leave their cat home alone?

  • Bad Advertising Case #45: Promoting a Book

  • (Thanks to enda.)

  • Attention, Students Who Smoke, Drink, and Fall Asleep during Class: A bright career as pets awaits!

  • (Thanks to Dian GReTaN.)

  • Lazying around spending other people's money? He's a cat. What's your excuse?

  • (Thanks to snydez & umar.)

  • The joy of having nine lives.

  • (Thanks to emil.)

  • A good cover for the upcoming book: "Rich Pet, Poor Pet"

  • "I only do this because my owner wants to show off on the Internet."

  • (Thanks to Nita.)


  • No animals were --hic!-- harmed during the process.

  • (Thanks to Affi.)

The above picture was taken by and belongs to isman. Click here to view the previous entry.

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