Monday, March 01, 2004

Are Indonesian Mostly Visual Or Verbal?

Here's a hint: In almost every bathroom doors, underneath the small icons of a person and another wearing a skirt, there will be labels that explain "Men" and "Women."


A Kompas article dated February 28th 2004 told about supporters of a local football club. Their official fan club costumes display the iconic face of Ernesto Guevara. And that is only one example. Many apparels exist displaying the famous picture taken by Alberto Korda. You can spot many Indonesians of various background wearing them.

But when asked whether they knew who was the person in that picture, there were various answers;

  • A revolutionist.
  • Nobody they know.
  • Bob Marley before sporting dreadlocks. And...
  • A superhero like Batman or Robin.

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