Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Notorious BIGS's Competition Entry

Today is the deadline of the competition held by Bandung's Institute of Government Studies (BIGS)(1). They're going to reward the best article that portrays the topic "If I Were a Politician." The rules of competition state that the entry HAS to be at least four pages with single spacing. Well, here's mine.

A Decent Proposal

Dear Esteemed Judges,

I've read the rules in your competition, about the article must be at least four pages long with single spacing. Knowing that the first prize is two and a half million rupiahs, I sympathize for your plight in reading hundreds of entries.

How about you stop right now? If you name me the winner, you can immediately rest and spend the 50% share of the prize.

Think about it. Isn't this exactly what a politician would've done? Never play by the rules. Unless, of course, to his advantages.

Sincerely yours,

Isman H. Suryaman

1: It's a good thing the Institute's not located in Padalarang. People wouldn't be able to say the acronym with a straight face.

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