Thursday, January 26, 2006

How to Publish a Bestselling Book

Get an endorsement from Osama bin Laden.

Now That's Revolution

Public shools of West Virginia will develop a curriculum that require their students to play the popular game "Dance Dance Revolution." This is the state's effort to battle the rising childhood obesity rates.

For those who aren't familiar with the game, to play Dance Dance Revolution, one has to stand over a "dance pad" consisting of four directional arrows. The screen will show a series of arrows which indicate which part of the dance pad you have to step on. The timing also counts. If you step on the right pad at the right time, a sign "Perfect" or "Good" will pop up. And your scores soar.

So, the song YMCA, for example, will show righ-right-right-left-up-up-down-right-left and lastly the sign "Get outta here before you make a fool of yourself you moron! Oh, too late."

For Those Who Want to Get Their Hands on the Game...

...with less than 1/10 of the sweat. You can buy this.

Worst Undercover Attempt of The Day

Michael Jackson trying to pass as a traditional Arabian woman.


vonEbenhaum said...

Ah.. time to go back to school! New major: Machine Dance.

the fool said...

I wonder if that would make a new kind of job requirement;

Must be skilled in Dance Dance Revolution. No robotic movements. Perfect point-getter is a plus.

umar said...

Insted of buying that palmtop dance pad, isn't better to develop a similar game for cellphones?