Thursday, January 19, 2006

Journey to Typoland!

I was just in the mood to reminisce when my partner told me about Quest, a text-based adventure games engine.

With this engine, not only you can play text-based adventure games, you can even create one (using the commercial version). Which means, nothing can stand between you and your limitless creativity to create unimaginable games such as this:

The Death-Trap

You sit peacefully on you couch. Your favorite show's playing on TV. Your favorite drink on one hand, remote control on the other. Nothing can break this peace.

Or so you thought.

Your girlfriend nudges you on the shoulder. She asks, "Does this dress make me look fat?"

You answer: Y/N? Yes...

...your girlfriend slashes you on the neck.


But why make one? Playing the games is enough fun of its own. Especially since not all gamemakers speak proper English.

Worth quoting:
"Who are you!" asks the night-elf.

You shout your answer, "We are worriers from Hyrule!"
Another in-game text worth quoting:
The man looks you at the eyes, and says, "I'm looking forward to mating you."
Isn't it a wonder, why these text-based beauties haven't become widely popular again? Now, go and play your hearts out, my friends. Until we mate again!

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