Wednesday, January 25, 2006

For Those of You...

...who don't give a care in the world whether Indonesians should support or ban the upcoming Playboy Indonesia magazine, let's spend our time in a more constructive activity.

If You'll Only See One Movie This Year... may need to go out more. But seriously, why not check out the Lego Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick

Signs of Wisdom #5

"Valentine's Day is not the time to give your lady anything that plugs into the kitchen wall."

I Know What You Fear Last Summer

According to one Gallup poll (on the same page as the above article), the most common fear of youths is terrorism. However, trailing one percentage behind at number two is the fear of spiders. No records available about the percentage related with fear of spider terrorists.

1 comment:

Haris said...

Kak Isman dah liat film Lego-nya Spiderman 2:The Peril of Doc Ock belon? Hilarious. Dan itu official pulak. Yang gak official macam Batman ato Brickman juga banyak...