Thursday, December 18, 2003

Togel Or Not Togel, That Is The Question

Any sort of gambling is forbidden in Indonesia. But of course, that never stops people. One common gambling practice is togel. You bet your money in a two-digit or four-digit number, and get the jackpot if it comes up. Larger stakes involve more couple of digits. And it's very popular among the middle to lower economy class.

Does the law enforcement allow that? Theoretically, no. Although that doesn't have much to say in both reality and the court of law.

"You're accused of robbery of Fina Gunawan's possessions," said the Judge. "How do you plead?"

"Well, theoretically," replied the defendant. "I could've been coming home at night, tired from work, but she locked me outside of the house. So okay, I got the message. I'd find my own place to stay. But I didn't have cash. So I broke in, got something and got out."

"Interesting theory," responded the Judge. "But Fina is not your wife. So it wasn't your home. And you have a court order to stay at least 1 km away from her."

"Theoretically, she could've," the defendant insisted. "If she just said yes to the 995th times I proposed."

Back to gambling. You can't stop gambling only by forbidding it. Because it provides something of need: Hope. Some people are buying hope through gambling. Others are buying entertainment. It's against the law? Well, my friend, to some of them that just adds the excitement.

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