Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Confessions Of A Schoolburner... an old Kompas (a nationwide newspaper) article (in Bahasa) about two GAM arsonists (Samsul and Zulkifli), who were caught in North Aceh. Below are some lines (worth quoting) of the interview.

Question (Q): Why did they (GAM) order you to burn down schools?
Samsul (S): He told us, so that all Acehnese people would be stupid.


Q: Were you paid to set fire to schools?
S: Yes. Rp 200.000 each. But even then we were fooled, [there was] no payment...


Q: Why did you burn down schools?
Zulkifli (Z): If not, they'd torture us.

Q: How would they torture you?
Z: We were told to undress. Our hands were tied from behind. [Then] We were forced to stand besides the rivulet, bitten by mosquitos. Here are the scars, Sir, all wounds (Zulkifli showed his hands which were full of mosquito bites and heavy scratching marks). [There are] also some here in the back (Zulkifli showed his back, which had a similar condition).
The Fool Says:
The article should've been named Confessions of two Dangerous Minds. Because in my book, one of the most dangerous minds of all, is one who let others do the thinking. Even, under severe threat of deadly mosquito bites.

On a lighter note, Deadly Mosquito Bites sound like a good title for an Indonesian horror movies.

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