Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Business At The Speed Of--Duh, What Was It Again?

My office held a talkshow about IT for youngsters. Much like explaining how cool the Ice Age is to a bunch of prehistoric humans. "IT's fun! Embrace IT! Or else join the dinosaurs to become fuel."

The thing is, even the Chinese government takes IT seriously. By 2010, they estimate about 60% population will have internet access. Although 80% of them won't have electricity to power the computer. But seriously, 60% of more than a trillion people (assuming nobody opt to join the dinosaurs) will be accessing the net. That could mean hundreds of millions potential customers for the online marketers. Not to mention more targets for Nigerian scammers.

IT, as well as technology, has been greatly affecting human lives for the last century. Take remote control, for example. Combined with cable TV, no other devices could render a man with an IQ of 200 to a thumbpress-happy drone with the intelligence of lettuce.

The point is, Indonesia is far behind the IT bandwagon. If America leads with a 75% access caravan, and China follows with a 10% bike, Indonesia is trying to find her other shoe. Because we haven't even reached 1% yet.

To dramatically improve our internet access, we, as a nation have two choices:
1) Leave it to the government, maybe they'll come up with a plan like China.

HAHA! Just kidding. We already know our government's hopeless. So, either
1) Do our part in educating the society. Or,
2) Invade Singapore.

With this talkshow, we're opting for number one. But only because our soldiers are too busy shopping in Singapore.

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