Wednesday, December 31, 2003

100 Ways Not To Celebrate A New Year's Eve

#32: Beating drums for 72 hours straight.

A 27 year-old guy named Kunto Hartono's trying to enter himself into the Guinness Book of Records for the Longest Drumbeating Ever. And he's doing it from 29th December 2003 to 1st January 2004.

Indonesians are so into making entries in Guinness Book. Among things, we've made the Largest Amount of Fried Rice Ever Cooked. And the Largest Amount of Colenak Ever Made. We're a nation of attention-deficit problematic people, trying to yell at the world, "Look! Look! We can do THIS and THIS! I bet you couldn't! We're cool, huh?" If world was a big school, Indonesia would've been the kid that everyone tried not to notice. Because we were trying too hard.

Not that I don't appreciate Kunto's sheer determination. I've tried my hands on drumming. It took only thirty minutes to make the aching pain last all day long. But that only proves that humans are capable of many things when they really make an effort. Which all of us already knew. But maybe, too many people just forgot about that.

Okay, on to the list. What's worse than #32 is actually spending the whole night...
#31: Watching a guy hitting drums for 72 hours straight.

Two guys watching TV about the Guinness event.
TV: (drum drum drum drum drum)
A: Whoa.
B: You can say that again.
A: Whoa.

--several hours later--

A: Is he still at it?
B: Lemme check.
TV: (drum drum drum drum)
B: Oh, yeah. He is.
A: Cool.
B: Yeah.

--yet several hours later---

TV: (drum drum drum drum drum)
B: Isn't he bored?
A: Well, I'm bored.
B: Wanna do something exciting?
A: Sure, what?
B: Let's go to Kuningan and watch the drum guy!
A: Cool!

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