Thursday, September 16, 2004

Welcome To The Land Of Double Meaning!

My close friends, my partner and I went to Ciwalk last week. Ciwalk stands for Cihampelas Walk, yet another proof of Indonesian tendency of abbreviating things. But that's another story. We had lunch in Platinum, a place that sports positive slogans on their windows, such as "Customer First" and "Pro-active." The attendant greeted us with a warm smile.

Then she let us wait for twenty minutes before we get a seat.

Afterwards, the waiters managed to dodge our calling them for another ten minutes. I was in the middle of writing this on the order checklist;

"Dear Sirs & Madams... we are starving. We've tried to get your attention for too long that we've decided to mail this order instead through PT. P--"
A waiter interrupted me with great timing, "May I take your order?"

At this point, we've finally understood that the slogans were open for definition. Such as: "Pro-active: In other words, self-serving." Or, "Customer First... Good Service Later."

Needless to say, the food also came a bit late. The meal was quite delicious, though. Kinda made us feel sorry we had already eaten the waiter.


America gains another point for inventions such as The Toilet Landing Lights. The only thing missing would be a little guy flagging you to the target.

"But these inventions are laughable!" you may protest. Well, yes. But they're much cooler than none at all.

That settles it! America now leads with... uhm... I lost count. So we'll have to resort to the formal method frequently used by our government: just make it up. To make it interesting, let's say 194 - 193. Indonesia is only one point behind! The drama! The suspense! It's so thrilling, I need to go to the bathroom. Hopefully, I won't need a guidance.

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