Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Update: First...

...I want to say that human curiousity can really drive you to do things beyond your normal boundaries.

And second, I've already confirmed: baby poop DEFINITELY does NOT smell like sugar!

(No thanks to Ine and Affi for the push on my back.)


Aza (3 month of age): (Pooping with the sound of a muffled shotgun)

Me: WHOA! Now that was loud.

Donna (my partner in life): (chuckles) I bet Aza feels relieved. (Places Aza on the baby matress) You know what?

Me: (Getting the baby powder, baby wipes, and a clean diaper) What?

Donna: This article says that during the period of three to six months, the baby's poo will smell like sugar. (Taking Aza's pants off)

Me: Like hell it would.

Donna: Why not?

Me: How can it be?

Donna: (Raises brows) Aren't you the person who wrote a book dissing rhetorical questions?

Me: You just popped one. (Pauses) You're saying I should check it out before making a judgement?

Donna: No. YOU are saying--in YOUR book--that we should check AND re-check.

Me: (Shrugs) Okay, enough with the capitals, already. I'll do it! (Opens the soiled diaper)

(Stares at the spoils of war...

Uhm, on second thought... I think we should respect the writer's credibility.

Thank you for 366 days (and counting) of loving. It's been and hopefully always will be an enlighting ride, full of laughters.

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