Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Time Management

I've heard too many people saying they're "killing time." Why kill time? What has it actually done to us that deserves death penalty? Okay, there's the phrase "Time waits for noone." Well, so does my brother. But nobody has killed him. Yet.

And there's the saying "Time heals." Something's definitely wrong here. I don't know about you, but I don't picture myself in a hospital saying, "Thanks Doc, you've completely cured my cancer... Now DIE!"

What exactly do you do when you're killing time? Taking a nap, reading a book, daydreaming, etc. In short, being a complete bore save to yourself. Maybe that's why we call it "killing time." You're boring time to death.

Some people also say, "I don't have time to kill." Okay, so you have to have time, before you can kill it. But can we kill other people's time? I think we can. Say a friend wakes me up at 5 am just to share about his large collection of socks. He's boring both his time and mine to death. It's a double homicide. Now THAT should warrant a shot in his head.


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