Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Television's Little Lessons #1

Hi, kids! Starting from today, we're running a new spot that'll teach us important lessons, which you'll surely miss if you have an active social life and have never watched television.

Today's topic is "How to be Annoying in 15 Seconds."

This is a revelation bestowed upon us by the greatness of Indonesian TV ads. This technique's so applicable, that after this single session you can go out and immediately annoy more people than the number of friends you have (assuming you have any). It is so powerful, some countries label it as "Weapon of Mass Annoyance" and ban its existence.

What exactly is this technique? Simple. For every sentence you say, repeat it twice. Observe...

A: So what do you do for a living?
B: I'm a copywriter. I'm a copywriter. I'm a copywriter.
A: Uh, well, excuse me, there's a friend...
B: No problem! No problem! No problem! See you later! See you later! See you later!
Instant Annoying Power! And it's now yours! Stay tuned for more on Television's Little Lessons, where wisdom is a four letter word.


I don't know why, but in Friendsters, many Indonesians like to refer "testimonial" as "testi." Take a look around. You'll notice them, such as...
Indonesian Female#1 (to a male): Thank you for your testi. I love it.
Indonesian Male#1 (also to a male): Eh, have you received my testi? Why haven't you approved it? Don't you like it?

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