Monday, April 12, 2004

The Laws Of Malls

Malls never cease to amaze me. One thing I never understand is how clothing stores display their stuff for sale. More precisely, the use of mannequins. Sure, they make the clothes look so great that we, the customers, forget a few tiny details:

1) The mannequins were sculpted
2) All sculptures have ZERO body fat
But have you seen their faces? One of the popular mannequins in Indonesia shows what looks like a spiky-haired girl high on LSD. She appears to be either laughing out loud, or trying to swallow Wimar Witoelar.(1) And she comes in various hair colors: blue, green, pink, and believe it or not, tri-color. But this doesn't bother the shoppers one bit. Though I doubt they would approach a real life girl, who's laughing like hyena, to check for price tags.

I've also found some mannequins that don't even have heads. This communicates the message, "We don't care how you look. Your money's all the same." Plus the disclaimer: "Actual results may vary."

Then there's this type of mannequin with an inside illumination. Usually they use it to display women underwears and lingeries, making it more visible. I don't know about you, but if I were a woman and my complexion started shining brightly, the last thing I needed was to find a matching set of underwears. "Hmm, if I were exposed to heavy gamma radiation, that lingerie would've looked great."


1: Indonesian version of mellowed down Russ Limbaugh

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